Speaking at Columbus AMA – “5 Traps of the Corporate App”

cama [Warning. Shameless plug!] I’ll be speaking to the Columbus chapter of the American Marketing Association. Please join me at 7:30 am, February 20, 2014 at the Columbus Main Library.

Click here for directions and tickets. ($5 members / $10 non-members)

Here’s an abstract of my talk:

5 Traps of the Corporate App (and how to avoid them)
Your CEO comes to you and says, “We need a mobile app. Go build one!” What do you do? With all the resources that are at the disposal of large, brick-and-mortar corporations, developing a fun, simple, user-friendly mobile app with clear business objectives can be a tremendous challenge. This presentation would like to humorously (yet respectfully) shed light on the five common pitfalls that plague a corporate mobile app’s development – and how to avoid them. Intended mainly for the poor soul tasked to lead such an endeavor in his/her company, but all are welcome since misery does love company.

SoLoMo is like planning a rocking party.

On October 25, 2012 I was honored to be part of a panel discussing strategies in SoLoMo, the intersection of all things Social, Mobile and Local, at the J.D. Power Automotive Marketing Roundtable in Las Vegas, NV. The purpose of the panel was to encourage companies to not think of social or mobile endeavors as separate initiatives, but rather as a “total package” for effective marketing. What does this mean? How about first we plan a big party.

Social: Do you have friends who like you?

The generally accepted prerequisite to throw a party would be to have people who like you and others you know. This is accomplished by being personable, sharing interesting stories, and engaging in those who speak to you. Now put this in marketing terms. While some advertisers will have you believe Facebook and Twitter are great for broadcasting to a large audience, the real power lies in developing highly engaged communities around your product, service or brand. You would manage your community like you treat your friends:

  1. Be genuine in what you say (I call this a company’s “Voice“).
  2. Have “Value” in what you say (maybe it is something humorous or information that’s timely or new).
  3. Share your content regularly and respond to community discussions immediately, much the same way you’d respond to a friend’s text or email promptly (I refer to this as “Visibility“).

Voice, Value, and Visibility. Do these three things and hopefully you’ll have a pool of friends who will at least consider an invitation to your party. But what will really convince them to come?

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When reviewing your LinkedIn contacts there should be a “So, how do I know you, again?” button.

Columbus Gamification Summit

On February 8, 2012, I spoke at the Columbus Gamification summit at TechColumbus. I discussed the gamfication strategy behind Ultimate Drive as well as discussing the wonders of crowdsourced content. The big hit was the big horn sheep story. One of the higher rated (yet lesser known) roads on our app, near Mt. Evans, Colorado, had warnings about avoiding this stretch of road during certain times of the year not because of weather, but because of herds of big horn sheep in heat. Check the resultant tweets: