Speaking at October J.D. Power and Associates event in Las Vegas.

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Flickr user Chris Devers

[Warning. Shameless plug!]

In case you happen to work be in the auto industry, be at the Bellagio in Las Vegas on October 25 AND have tickets to the J.D. Power and Associates Automotive Marketing Roundtable (which I’m sure is most of you), I’ll be on the SoLoMo panel discussing all things SoLoMo (Social, Local, Mobile).

From J.D. Power and Associates event web site:

SOLOMO: The Intersection of Social, Local, and Mobile Technologies
The SOLOMO panel aims to examine how marketing campaigns integrate social media on a local level to facilitate stronger integration. This kind of consumer connection occurs most often on mobile devices with which consumers can interact with in real-time and interact on location. This concept of Social, Mobile, Local (SoLoMo) is not foreign to most marketers, but the execution of the techniques involved can be quite difficult. This panel will explore success stories, techniques, and ideas of utilizing this marketing tactic and technology to produce successful and measurable results.



Marcus Startzel, SVP, Sales, Millennial Media

Brinda Cockburn, User Experience Manager, Mobients

Kristine Chin, Head of eBay Motors, eBay

Curt Hecht, Chief Global Revenue Officer, The Weather Channel Companies

Jim Jones, Vice President and General Manager of Sales, TapJoy

Pawan Murthy, General Manager Online Business, BMW Financial Services