Jim Hendrickson on “choosing” vs. “following” your career path.


For nearly 20 years of our life, we follow a path dictated to us by our school career. But in the real world, we cannot rely on a predetermined course. According to Jim Hendrickson, we must not only choose our career path, but choose our bosses. Jim’s path took him from being a musician, to the Army, and then to the corporate world.

Be sure to check out Jim’s adapted version of “The Road Not Taken” by Robert Frost at the end of the video.


April 30, 2009 / Columbus, OH

About Jim Hendrickson

Even the short list of Jim Hendrickson’s accomplishments is lengthy: Senior VP of Corporate Development at Sterling Commerce, on the advisory board for Columbus State Community College and several companies in Columbus, served in the army as rank of captain, and is an accomplished speaker.