Social Recognition aka The Hi Five

hifive-slapCompanies today face a perfect storm as it relates to maintaining employee satisfaction. First, you have fast growing, profit-focused companies with tighter budgets that immediately nix items deemed “non-critical”. Second, you have a young workforce that appears, at first glance, to never be satisfied with any attempt of recognition by their employer. They feel their work isn’t valued or acknowledged. This is interpreted by the HR department as, “We need more opportunities of recognition and more awards.” But then to do so requires money which was addressed takes us one full circle.

My feeling is that the young workforce doesn’t require as much the CEO giving them a pat on the back for showing up for work on time. I feel that such employees simply need peer recognition for daily achievements, much the same way Facebook does this for their personal lives.

My team worked with a Canadian vendor, TemboSocial, who thinks the same way. Together we launched the “HiFIVE” platform within our company’s intranet. It acts much the same way as Facebook – but you can ONLY post topics of praise. As sender creates a HiFIVE on the intranet, selects the recipient(s), selects a picture that best describes their action, and includes anyone to CC. After hitting submit, the HiFIVE is posted to the intranet where others can “like” or comment.

In a very short time, thousands of HiFIVEs were developed and shared. Looking through this vast repository of praise, you can really see how much impact these daily achievements are to yearly goals. Employees also are informed of problems in other areas and have offered help through this platform.