Pharrell makes me HAPPY

happy_pharellPharrell’s HAPPY video is the best music video of the 21st century. I know – that’s quite a bold statement. I lived through the birth of the music video, MTV, and of course, Thriller. When I learned of Pharrell’s project, the world’s first 24-hour music video, I was “meh” – until I saw the website for myself.


Forget about the fact that just post-production of a 24-hour final cut is an enormous and costly task; forget about the logistics of finding people (over 200 extras and celebrities) at all hours of the day to shoot; forget about the risk the muscian and studio took on this crazy project.

Just focus on the concept: Here’s this vast uncharted mountain of content. The web site ( starts you off at your current location’s time, but allows you to scroll back and forth to any other spot in the video. This is your chance to find some gold in that mountain. You can discover a silly dance move that a random extra is doing or find out what a specific celebrity is wearing. It’s the discovery and sharing that makes this so perfect for our social media world: unearth something unique and earn social street-cred, or the “I’m cool because I found it first” syndrome.

Think of all the strange things people have found on Google Earth or Street View. This is another example of a large uncharted mountain of content. People can search every square foot of the Earth for something strange or funny to share.

As it relates to HAPPY, here’s my discover of three well dressed elderly ladies getting their groove on at 11:36 in the morning. I’m sure my friends will love it. At least I really hope so.