Marketing Portfolio


2019 Executive Survey Report  

In 2019, Prevedere commissioned a survey of over 200 C-level and VP-level executives evaluate their company’s analytical capabilities. The results of this work were summarized in this report that we co-launched with Microsoft. This was part of an ongoing campaign to address the “insights gap” that executives of large enterprises face on a daily basis. This report was promoted using social media posts, infographics, and a companion webinar (with a Microsoft exec) that targeted top 20 accounts in retail and CPG.

Retail and Analytics Playbook  

These industry playbooks were one of our more popular assets. A mix between infographic and white-paper, they offered high level context to the problem we were solving for an industry, in this case Retail. It also provided readers a 5 step method to start solving that problem. Of course, we wanted them to call Prevedere to use our solution, but the sales pitch was kept subtle as this was the first action in a series of nurture activities. Click to download the Consumer Goods and Manufacturing industry playbooks.

The Predictive CFO with Gartner  

As part of a focused go-to-market strategy to the CFO of large enterprises, we needed to create a message “anchor” piece. This report laid out the foundation of our overall message to empower the CFO to be change agents in their company. By licensing relevant research notes from Gartner and Stanford University, we were able to quantify the financial value of using external leading in forecasting. The “Predictive CFO” resonated well with prospects and had one of the highest click-through and open rates among our C-level audience.



The Data Divide  

This presentation was designed to articulate a major problem with enterprise analytics, namely the gap between the kinds of insights that executives need and the capabilities of an overly burdened analytics team.

Standard Intro Deck  

As part of a larger effort to ensure the inside and outside sales teams were in synch with the message, we standardized our intro deck with a lighter style guide.

Microsoft Partner Deck  

This presentation was designed in Microsoft’s style guide so their field staff can sell the virtues of Prevedere to mutual prospects.



Though seemingly outdated, webinars one of the largest sources of MQLs for our enterprise/corporate target audience. We pre-recorded these to ensure a tight and concise experience, then presented them as “simulated-live” to the audience. This freed up time for our marketing team, eliminated the need for all webinar members to be scheduled at a specific time and date, and allowed us to immediately send out a on-demand link to registrants. We used Vidyard to host our videos. It was connected to Marketo we could assign lead scoring to video plays, and even additional points for those who watched 50%, 75% and 100% of the video.

The Influence of A.I. on Insurance

The insurance industry is evolving rapidly as new technologies such as A.I. and predictive analytics become more mainstream. Ankur Raniwala, of ‎Farmers Insurance, discusses his thoughts on how A.I. is influencing how insurance leaders can better serve their customers.

2018 Retail Holiday Outlook

In this webinar, Andrew Duguay, Chief Economist & Data Scientist at Prevedere, and Marie Driscoll, Founder, Chief Analyst and CEO of Driscoll Advisors, will discuss the midsummer inflection point and accompanying indicators that will be key to predicting the degree of this holiday season’s robustness.

The Future Proof CEO

In this webinar, Ed Robinson, former CEO of BMW Financial Services, shares his leadership experience that will shed light on these findings. He will also provide key takeaways for executives and board members to help think beyond the four walls of their organization.



Digital Transformation is a corporate initiative for Microsoft. They want to transform industries to be more nimble, customer centric and data driven. We positioned Prevedere as the first step in the Digital Transformation Journey with joint outbound campaigns combining common target accounts.

This report showcases the foundational theme of evolving business intelligence with predictive capabilities. We partnered with Dr. Barry Keating, a renowned professor of economics and forecast at the University of Notre Dame. Click here to download report.

We promoted the report with a joint webinar featuring Doug Laney, VP and Distinguished Analyst from Gartner. This campaign was one of our most successful regarding pipeline growth.

Nielsen collects millions of purchase data from retailers and sells that back to CPG companies so they can gain insights on their performance. We partnered with Nielsen to use this data for predictive models in a unique way.

We developed a report that showcased the new methods of fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) forecasting using predictive analytics. Download report here.

A companion webinar was used to promote the report as well.

Host Analytics embeds Prevedere’s predictive capabilities to validate financial forecasts for their customers. To promote this new integration, we launched multiple email campaigns and did a PR push to drive traffic and joint leads.

We also co-hosted a webinar as part of the overall campaign.