Luke Tuttle on your “digital footprint” and sandals at work


We have all learned many life lessons, but often as the result of costly mistakes that haunt us forever. Luke Tuttle offers 10 gems of wisdom – without the painful memories! Learn about the importance of eavesdropping at work and managing your “digital footprint”.


April 30, 2009 / Columbus, OH

About Luke Tuttle

On paper, Luke Tuttle is a tech guy. His title of Chief Information Officer at ClearSaleing underscores his nerdy persuasion. A truly successful CIO appreciates the business ramifications of the company’s technology, manages projects with profitability and ROI always in mind, and ensures the company is always ahead of the curve in regards to IT. Luke can teach you volumes on being a successful CIO, but he can also talk about the little things that will help you get ahead at your new job.